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Chaliha Sahib Festival

Chaliha Sahib Festival Begins 20-July-2017

Jhulelal Sain Darshan Near Talav
40 days Chaliha Sahib Festival for this year started on 20-July-2017, Thursday at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir, Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar-5. Crowd of devotees has started arriving on day one itself. Even this year there is lot of excitement seen in the devotees of Jhulelal Sain here. Gurmukh Chughria Famous Sindhi Singer at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal […]
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2nd Day of Chaliha Sahib Festival 2015

  The excitement for the Chaliha Sahib, 40 days fast festival begins. You can already see the huge crowd coming to the Mandir with Caps, Akha. Glittering & Twinkling lights are set which creates spiritual & motivational atmosphere. Gurmukh Chughria starts his program from 10:00pm everyday and ends at 12:00 midnight. Palavs and Lolis for little kids […]
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Matki Mela 2013

  Life is so colourless without you Jhulelal Sain…   Malik Toon Dard Kateendey, Keena Chadeendey, Har Hand, Har Hal Mein Raval Rahibar Theendey. مالِڪ تون دردَ ڪٽيندي، ڪين ڇڏيندي، هر هند هر هال ۾ راول رهبر ٿيندي मालिक तून दर्द कटींदे कीन छ्दींदे, हर हंद हर हाल में रावल रहबर थींदे   When you […]
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Mid Night Program by Satram Rohra Party

Dada Satram Rohra with Kumar Soni
Mid night Program is organised by Satram Rohra Party on 10-Sep-2013 In the center you see Dada Satram Rohra. He always performs at Chaliha Sahib Mandir on the night before Matki Mela. Lets see how much you know about Dada Satram Rohra. Exploring his past is like unraveling history of Sindhis. Your findings are going […]
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