Chaliha Sahib Festival 2010 Music Video

Chaliha Sahib 2010 Festival completed with lots of celebrations. Many devotees visited the Mandir from all over India and World. We have tried to put all the nice moments captured during the festival in in single video. ( If you have bandwidth, try viewing this video in 480p for better quality ) Background song “Sindhiyun […] Continue reading β†’

Palav Payo Prem a Saan…

After completion of 40 day Chaliha Fast very next day is Palav. Here all the people who observed the fast for 40 days come to God Jhulelal to make wishes in the form of prayers. In following photo you can see the number of matkis which couldn’t be transfered to top floor where usually all […] Continue reading β†’

New Programme For Mela (Festival)

Puj Mele Jo Programme 6-Sept-2010 (Monday) : Morning 10:00 AM Bhojan for Girls (Niyariyun) 6-Sept-2010 (Monday) : Nine day fast start and Strict Fast rules applies. 8-Sept-2010 (Wednesday): Puj Darya Shah Sesa will be distributed in All Ulhasnagar. 12-Sept-2010 (Sunday) : 6:00pm Puj Akhand Path Sahib Starts. Prayer offerings to Darya Shah so that He […] Continue reading β†’

Chaliha Festival Everyday Aarti Photos

Everyday Arti of Sai Jhulelal Performed by Many Shradhalus at 6.40 am & sharp at Puj Chalihasahib. These Shradhalus Sing Aarti & Bhajans Of Jhulelal Devta with Dholak & Manjira. Shradhalus Singing BhajansΒ  “Jai Jai Jhulelal, Sabai Chao Jai Jai Amarlal”Shradhalus performing Sindhi Dance Many Shradhalus Enjoying Aarti Many Ladies also come at the […] Continue reading β†’

Chaliha Sahib Fast Begins on 6-Aug

Whoever wishes to follow the 40 day Chaliha Fast visits Chaliha Sahib Mandir on first day of fast and ties thread in his wrist as binding of fast. Brahmans visit the Chaliha Sahib Temple with Threads and other samigiri to initiate the Fast for people visiting temple. One of the Brahman with Threads and other […] Continue reading β†’