Chaliha Sahib Festival Begins from 28-Jul-2019

40 days Chaliha Sahib Festival for this year started on 28-Jul-2019, Sunday at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir, Sindhunagar/Ulhasnagar-5. Crowd of devotees has started arriving on day one itself. Even this year there is lot of excitement seen in the devotees of Jhulelal Sain here. Musical Program of Gurmukh Chughria started with day one. Also Chaliha Sahib LIVE broadcast started on local cable and on internet from the day one.

Sparklinkg Jodi at Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir, Kishan & Jaanvi Ramnani
Rakesh Karra with Family at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir

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