Welcome to Chaliha Sahib. Official web site for Chaliha Sahib Puj Jhulelal Mandir of Ulhasnagar/Sindhunagar-5.

This is our small effort to keep our dear ones updated who believe in grace of God Jhulelal.

This is the Original Akhand Jyot brought by our Ancestors, Mr.Watumal, Mr. Mangalmal, Mr.Mithumal, Mr.Rangalmal, Mr.Mangumal, Mr.Kotumal, Mr. Narumal, Mr.Harpaldas, Mr.Sundardas. This was brought during the partition in 1947  from Puj Chalihasahib Mandir Peergoath in Sindh. And this Akhand Jyot was born around 1897 AD in peergoath.  This Akhand  jyot has had guided many of Sindhis for more than three generations as reffered  by Mr. Kanyalal.

This Jyot is till lit and kept in the similar structure as it was available in Sindh. Lakhs of people have benefited with the blessings of God Jhulelal when they offer their prayers here.

This site will carry Photos Videos, Calendar and many mandir details which are not so easily available to distant visitors. Looking forward for your support and co-operation where you’ll spread the word about Chaliha Sahib Mandir of Ulhasnagar and this website.

Jai Jhulelal…

10 thoughts on “About

  1. rakesh makhija says:

    jai jhulelal sabhni sindhyn khe puj chaliya saheb virta joon lakh lakh vadhayoon…
    shal! ahera mela laganda rahan sindhi paana main gadjanda rahen
    jai jhulelal

  2. Vashdev Ghanshamdas Asrani says:

    jai jhulelal.

  3. Sabini sindunagar varan khe chaliye ju lakh lakh crorer crorer vadayoun

  4. Vishal Thakwani says:

    Sabhin sindhyun khe Chalihe sahib je virtan joon vaghayun
    Munhji iha vinati aahe sabnin sindhun ssan ta Chalihe saahib je mandir khe teerth aasthan banain vare pahal te mili kare kadam khanje aen in khe safal banhaije

  5. Sabhni sindhi bhairan khe chalihe sahib jyon lakh lakh va day on

  6. Jai jhulelal

  7. Pawan Kumar Anupani says:

    Sabhni Premeen khe Jai Jhulay Lal

  8. Jiyan asanja sadhora sindhi ain sindhyat khe banaye rakhan. Jai Jhulan.

  9. Jeko chawando Jhulelal Tahinja Thinda Beda Par.

  10. Yes sir,Thanks alot a got the updated link.
    Jai Jhulelal🙏

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