40 Day Fast

Audio files explaining why & how we celebrate Chaliha Sahib festival.

12 thoughts on “40 Day Fast

  1. Chaitanya Sabne says:

    Can we get more information on this 40 day fast and what and how it started ? what is its significance !!!

    Chaitanya SAbne

  2. Dear Admin,

    The young generation including me are not able to read this script as we can speak sindhi, could you please provide this in Sindhi devnagiri ,Hindi or English.

  3. Bhagwan JHULELAL JI KI JAY.

  4. RAVEENA BAJAJ says:


  5. JAIDEV S. VAGARIA says:

    aayu lal sabhi chaou Jhulelal

  6. Suresh Potani, JAGDALPUR, C.G. says:

    Aayo Lal Sabhi Chavo Jhule Lal, Sabhini Ja Thinda Beda Paar.

  7. jaiko chawando julelal tainja thinda beda par

    sabhai shaukar

  8. jaiko chawando saibaba+julelal tainja thinda beda par

  9. Daulatram tarwani says:

    Ayo lal sabi kayo jhulelal

  10. Pls give some information on significance of matki.. y matki?? What is importance of matki and its contents.. other than fulfillment of wish nd completion of chaliha

  11. sunny rochlani says:

    Forty days fast 2015 when to start ??!

  12. Jai Jhule

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