Classic Videos of Chaliha Sahib

Ache Raheji by Bhagat Khanuram at Chaliha Sahib

Achijain Amarlal Achijain, Gurmukh Chugria

Ghorewara, Ghorewara, Lalan Ja Lal

Munkhe Hane De Maafi – Bhagat Khanuram

9 thoughts on “Classic Videos of Chaliha Sahib

  1. Just going through to your website for 1st time

  2. Please provide more of the treasured sindhi songs and specially the Palav. Thanks.

  3. Once in a while I do visit,today I came accross the link for this website, I am really happy to see my sindhunagar and shri Jhulelal temple.
    I browsed through whole site, saw all the videos and pics,felt really happy.

    You people are doing great job! specially for sindhi community who r living far from their mother land.
    Keep up the good work!.:-)

  4. Paresh Chhugani says:

    just wanna say jiye sindh jiye , sindh wara jiyan , munje Jhulelal ja pyara jiyan…..JAY JHULELALL…….

  5. Excellent information, photos, videos, thanks to internet today, we can reach to our valued one, good job done, keep it up, ready to help if any way.

  6. Want to see all the related videos of jhulelal temple of aartis ,palavs and of chaliha sahib.Nice to see the videos of temple and remembered days passed in Ulhasnagar. want to the videos of kanwar ram sahib and the lories…..

  7. This is really very nice. I would love to see more videos of bhajans palavs of bhagats in ulhasnagar. It is really motivating and good way keeping our cultural activities going. I am extremely glad that there are people who have created such a great site. I am grateful to those who have done this work!

    Aaoo Lal Sabai Cho Julelal!!!

  8. BTW I have seen this particular bhagat who is singing even dance a couple years back singing some really beutiful heart touching bhajans please do add some videos.

  9. Bhagat Khanuram is my grand fatrher,
    He is one of top Bhagats and has received several awards/ honours at various Sindhi cultural functions all over the country apart from gifts and medals.He is a simple god fearing man.

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