12 thoughts on “Matki Mathe Te (Photos Of Mela)

  1. I like d photos very much but could u pls paste d photos of gents matki i have to show dem to my office colleagues even they like dis festival.

  2. ALL IS WELL With Our Religious If There IS Jhulelal With US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. gopal.n.jethwani says:

    sabhini bhauran ae mataun bhenrun baran khe chetrichand ju koti koti wadhayun ayo lal sabhai chao jai zhulelal .apka das naukar gulam gopal jethwani akola

  4. gopal.n.jethwani says:

    ilike matki photo aur god zhulelal

  5. gopal.n.jethwani says:

    i like all photos ganesh bhagwan also

  6. jeetu rajpal says:

    acho ta sabhe gadje eho vachan tha karyon ta hamesh asan sindhi boli khe amar rakhandasen…….. jai julhelal….

  7. kishore.v.wadhwa says:

    i, like the way the festival of chalioo sahib is celebrated in ulhasnagar, very nice, people having lot of faith in god JHULELAL, GOD OF WATER, MAY GOD BLESS OUR COMMUNITY FOR PROSPERITY ON THIS GOOD DAY.


  8. I like Chetichand festival & I Enjoy it also very much. & Iam Glad to be an Sindhi

  9. gopaldas jethwani says:

    ayo lal sabhaie chao jai zhulelal jai uderolal jai zhulelal baran khe venti aahey ta padhai khoob karin das gopaldas

  10. gopal jethwani says:

    jai jhulelal jai bhagwan om namah shivay das gopal

  11. gopal jethwani says:

    jai zhulelal jai uderolal jjai sindhi boli sabhai chao jai zhulelal

  12. gopal jethwani says:

    i am proud for i am sindhi god wish for my son amit jethwani software engineer and daugghter software engineer due to ishwar ishwar je charnon me pranam shukrana

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