Palav Payo Prem a Saan…

After completion of 40 day Chaliha Fast very next day is Palav. Here all the people who observed the fast for 40 days come to God Jhulelal to make wishes in the form of prayers.

In following photo you can see the number of matkis which couldn’t be transfered to top floor where usually all the matkis are kept for entire year. Speed of devotees at which they bring Matkis for immersion is much faster than speed at which these matkis could be transfered upstairs. So there are few thousands of matkis accumulated on one side of Pond.

Sai Paramanand from Sai Vasan Shah Darbar visited Chaliha Sahib Mandir to give blessings to devotees who observed fast and came for Palav.

Dona Prasad given to each devotee coming to Chaliha Sahib Mandir. This is something people crave for entire year and get only on completion of Chaliha Fast. There are hundreds of devotees who come only to help in preparation of this serving. Dona consist of Phulka, Rice, Daal, Seera, Chatpata Nimbu Achar, Gulab Jhamun, Wada or Mirchai Pakoda.

Palav Video “Jhulelal Sai, Aseeyun Pujayeen…”

6 thoughts on “Palav Payo Prem a Saan…

  1. Sumit Navani says:

    Can’t express happiness in words

  2. Vishal Tarani says:

    <3 bole amar lal ki jai <3

  3. Thanks Dear i like this site very much u r realy promoting our language by creating this site as for as i know this is the only site in the world for our God,,,,Jhulelal bless u dear

  4. awesome site…just visited now only,,..its awesome…

  5. jai julelal!!

  6. Mahesh Vanwari says:

    Thank U So Much I got this web site today it is very nice m very happy.

    Jai Jhulelal

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