Matki Mela on 4-Sept-2011, Sunday

Matki Mela is organized on the last day of 40 day fast. People keep fast till they  immerse the Matki in Darya Shah. There are about 1.5 Lakh devotees who visit Chaliha Sahib Mandir. Sindhunagar-5 gets converted into pilgrimage hotspot on this day.

Chaliha Sahib Shevadhari Near the Matki Visarjan Talav


This is very common view where you see old generation and young generation together


Sindhi Ladies chanting Ayo Lal Jhulelal.

Sindhi Ladies offering Prayer / Palav



Shevadhari with God Jhulelal

God Jhulelal in center of Talav

Devotee and Shevadhari

Chaliha Sahib Shevadhari

Ayo lal Sabai Chavo Jhulelal

Old Trustees

Matki Management crew who take out the immersed matkis from Sarovar to accommodate new Matkis. There were about 1.5 lakh devotees who visited on 3-Sept.Top view of Matki Shifting arrangement

Sonu Vishnani with Ramesh Parwani

Sonu Vishnani with Ramesh Parwani

Huge queue for Akhand Jyot DarshanAkhand Jyot Darshan

Matki Management crew has T-Shirts with Matki, Candle and “Akho” written on that.

Matki Management Crew with Akho T-Shirts

View of Matkis and Akhand Jyot from Balcony

View of Matkis and Akhand Jyot from Temple Balcony


Ramesh Parwani with Shevadharis


Thousands of Devotees waiting for their turn at Gate

Chaliha Sahib Gate Crowd

Thousand of Devotees visiting Chaliha Sahib Mandir with Matki on Head. Keeping Matki on Head is a practice to be followed by all.

Chaliha Sahib Matki Crowd

Man offering his recorded CD along with Matki to God Jhulelal

Man offering his recorded CD with Matki to God Jhulelal

Matki Mela is full of fun and excitement


Small kid with Matki on his head.

Young Boy with Matki

Young Sindhi Boy with Matki on his Head.

young Boy with Matki

One of the Devotee is carrying colourful Matki

Man with Matki full of flowers

One of the Devotee has designer lines on Matki

Boy with Design on Matki


Matki designed with flowers

Matki with Flowers

Matki Fully covered with Flowers.

Matki Full of Flowers

Small Children visiting Chaliha Sahib Mandir on the day of Matki Mela

Kids visiting Chaliha Sahib Mandir

Evening view of Jhulelal Amrit Sarovar. Color turns red when thousands of Earthen Pots (Matkis) are immersed.Jhulalal Amrit Sarovar

Most awaited Prasad which Devotees get after Akhand Jyot, Jhulelal Darshan and Matki immersion. After keeping the fast for entire day and getting drenching in rain while standing in long queue, this Dona taste like heavenly experience.

Chaliha Sahib Prasad - Dona (You get this only once in year)

Cinematic Video of Chaliha Sahib Festival 2011

Chaliha Sahib 2011 Music Video covering everything in 5 minutes

More Videos will be uploaded soon.









2 thoughts on “Matki Mela on 4-Sept-2011, Sunday

  1. Qazi Asif, Karachi, sindh. says:

    I am from Sindh, I am glad to see this mela of Sindhi people. I love to see all generations at a place. Long live Sindhis long live their success. We have proud that we are Sindhi, in Sindh, India or any other part of the world.

  2. dear brothers, it is really great efforts to make challiha-sahib-jo-melo-agrand success.-twanhan-sabhani-khe-lakh-lakh-wadhayoon-aeen-mubarkoon. jhulelal-ji-awahana-mathana-ashiward-aeen0meher-maya-sadaeen-rahandi-dr.s.k.punshi-amravati

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