Puj Bahrana Sahib @ Haridwar

“آيو لال سبئِي چئِو جئ جھولي لال”

“Aayo Lal Sabai Chao Jai Jhulelal”

Jai Jhulelal Puj Bahrana Sahib Programme Will Be Held on Monday 2nd July-2012 In HARIDWAR @HAR KI PAURI”@5 pm.

You All Are Invited  To Attend This Programme (PUJ BAHRANA SAHIB) & Get The Blessings Of  JAL DEVTA SHREE AMAR UDERO LAL JHULELAL”


“جئ جھولي لال”

“آيو لال سبئِي چئِو جئ جھولي لال”


One thought on “Puj Bahrana Sahib @ Haridwar

  1. Indeed a commendable job being done byour community with the help of you people who really deserve appreciation
    Thanks for the invitation and I am glad to be a part on 02/07/2012 at Haridwar.
    Gope Kishnani

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