Puj Bahrana Sahib @ Haridwar (21st July 2013)

“آيو لال سبئِي چئِو جئ جھولي لال”

        “Aayo Lal Sabai Chau Jai Jhulelal”

Puj Bahrana Sahib In Haridwar @ HAR KI PAUDI On Sunday 21st July 2013

U All Are Invited With Your Family & Freinds


“جئ جھولي لال”

5 thoughts on “Puj Bahrana Sahib @ Haridwar (21st July 2013)

  1. Suresh Potani says:

    Hum Bhi Bharana Sahib Me Shamil Honge , AAYO LAL CHAVO JHULE LAL.

  2. Aayo Lal Sabai Chau Jai Jhulelal

  3. jai julay lal
    sir hope we can join you ,but we celebrate here in udero lal

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