Mid Night Program by Satram Rohra Party

Mid night Program is organised by Satram Rohra Party on 10-Sep-2013

In the center you see Dada Satram Rohra. He always performs at Chaliha Sahib Mandir on the night before Matki Mela. Lets see how much you know about Dada Satram Rohra. Exploring his past is like unraveling history of Sindhis. Your findings are going to bring lots of exciting surprises. Just try that. So what do you know about Dada Satram Rohra ? Please share that in comments section.

Dada Satram Rohra with Kumar Soni


This is only once in the year show performed on the night before Matki Mela. Raj Juriani and many other well known singers were part of Dada Satram Rohra Music Party. We will share more photos of of other singers and the way they all made Jhulelal devotees dance on their songs at 3:00 am during midnight

Raj Juriani at Chaliha Sahib Mandir


This is how people were dancing at 3:00am during midnight. This is the last night of celebration in 40 days mela. Dada Satram Rohra’s Music Party sung non stop medley of songs to maintain the excitement & motivation.

Chaliha Sahib Mandir dancing devotees


Kumar Soni, performing for the first time with Dada Satram Rohra Music Party

Kumar Soni Performing with Dada Satram Rohra Music Party


Though it is midnight but it is so colourful. Excitement has not gone down with passing hours. It has only increased.
Deepak Makhija represented Dada Satram Rohra Music Party night before Matki Mela (11-Sep).

Deepak Makhija at Puj Chaliha Sahib Mandir

Chaliha Sahib festival is becoming innovative each year. Where most of the times, devotees decorate Jhulelal Statue in boat or on fish, this time they designed Sheshnaag protecting Jhulelal Sain from rain. There is actually Lotus Flower & Fish below which will be visible in video. They also added hundreds of colourful LED lights, which really adds glitter and creates exceptional atmosphere. When such Behrana processions come to Chaliha Sahib Mandir, everybody rushes to Behrana Jyot for getting the blessings…

Jhulelal Sain Beharana Sahib


Acho, sabai Behrana Sahib tey Matho Tekyo ain prem saan chavo Jai Jhulelal…

Behrana Sahib


“Ranjhan Chave Hia Aas Aa Muhinji, Himatha De Kariyaan Seva Tuhinjee”. One of the Shewadhari praying to Akhand Jyot at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir.

Matkiwaro Shewadhari


Red coloured Jhulelal Cap is almost becoming a uniform at Puj Chaliha Sahib Mandir. You’ll find everyone wearing these for covering the head before entering the temple. In this photo are few of the Shewadharis of Jhulelal Mandir, smiling for a click

Jhulelal Ja Shewadhari


Blessings from Puj Chliha Sahib Mandir.
View of Akhand Jyot ( اکنڊ جيوت ) which was brought by our ancestors during partition from peer goath, Sindh. Generations have worshipped Akhand Jyot & seen the miracles.

Akhand Jyot View


Puj Chaliha Sahib Mandir glittering gate at mid-night.

Puj Chaliha Sahib Mandir Gate


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  1. Stram rohra sir ji jiye hazaro saal

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