Chaliha Sahib Matki Mela Morning

Puj Chaliha Sahib Matki Mela started early for Ladies devotees from 10am to 3pm. This time a separate route was made for physically challenged and senior devotees of Jhulelal Sain. A safe simple passage was provided to such devotees for Akhand Jyot Darshan and Matki emersion in Sarovar.

If you can notice a white pathological patch on her hand. This simply shows the undeterred faith in Chaliha Sahib

Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-young-and-old-devoteesYoung ones helping seniors during Matki Mela

Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-little-shevadhari-at-talaoLittle Matki Shevadhari would like to pose for a photo

Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Talao-line-shevadhariShevadharis keeping a close watch on crowd and updating on wireless Radio

Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Ladies-Donna-line These Shevadhari control the huge crowd of devotees heading towards Donna Prasad and make them sing Ayo Lal, Jhulelal.

Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Shevadhari Nitin, “Jai Jal Jyoti” shevadhari carrying carpet from first floor.
Chaliha-Sahib-inside-Mandir-Ladies-Matki-timeIt is not much crowded during early Morning Ladies Matki Visarjan time

Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Ladies-Matki-time Ladies Devotees entering from main gate of Chaliha Sahib Mandir

Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Matki-Shevadhari As Sarovar Pond is not big enough to accommodate many matkis, these are transferred to another floor. These Shevadharis work for hours in wet to transfer matkis after visarjanChaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Jhulelal-Sain-Praying Shevadhari and Devotees praying Jhulelal Sain on Matki melaChaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Jhulelal-Sain View of Jhulelal Sain over the Akha sarovar

Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Talao-Shevadharis Shevadharis taking a short rest on chairs in between.

Chaliha-Sahib-Matki-Mela-Near-Sarovar After praying Jhulelal Sain on Daryah Shah it is time for Donna prasad. They are heading towards that.



Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Talao-ShevadhariOld Shevadharis re-uniting during Matki Mela and singing Jhulelal SongsVChaliha-Sahib-Matki-Mela-Jhulelal-Sarovar
View of Jhulelal Amrut Sarovar and Jhulelal SainChaliha-Sahib-Matki-Mela
We want our sweet kids to play angry birds on touch screens. but also remind them about our faith in Jhulelal Sain.

Shevadharis packing the donna prasad for devotees. Donna prasad has heavenly taste on this day.

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