Chaliha Sahib 2015 Matki Mela Afternoon

Matki Mela for Ladies started at 10am at Puj Chaliha Sahib Mandir. As Ladies Devotee Matki line reduced, soon Gents Devotee Matki line started entering the Mandir with Matki around 3pm.


Huge group of Ladies Devotees entering the Chaliha Sahib Mandir during Matki MelaVChaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Crowd-of-ladies-with-matki5

View of Jhulelal Amrut Sarovar which is turned red in of Matki clay colour. Sarovar water is also cleaned with heavy duty water pumps. Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Jhulelal-Amrut-Saroval-Arieal-view

Sea of Jhulelal Devotees entering the Mandir on Matki Mela Day.

Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Crowd-of-ladies-with-matki4 Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Crowd-of-ladies-with-matki3

Faith in Jhulelal Sain and Puj Chaliha Sahib Mandir is forever growing. Devotees visit the Mandir from all over the Indian and abroad.

Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Crowd-of-ladies-with-matki2 Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Crowd-of-ladies-with-matki Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Jhulelal-Murti-Poojari
Jhulelal Sain Statue near the Matki Visarjan Sarovar


Young and elders from family praying together at Akha talav

Everyone visits Matki mela in simplistic form and strong faith

Shevadharis taking turns to rest nearby

Father and Son both are Shevadharis at Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir

Live broadcast on local cable tv and internet for entire day

Mannat Thakur Vazirani also visited as devotee of Jhulelal Sain & giving interview on local channel

Successor of Bhagat Khanuram Sahib Kurseja



This wooden structure is built few days prior to Matki Mela to transfer immersed Matkis from Sarovar to upper floors. Thousands of devotees do Matki Visarjan on this day and all can not be accommodated in small talav. Transferred Matkis are saved and re-used year after year.

Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Matki-Transfer-setup Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Team-transfering-Matkis-from-sarovar

These little Sindhi girls were also excited and were carrying Matki for visarjan




Shevadharis offering hot tea to devotees on fast and helping the Matki mela event


Age is no constraint against the strong faith

Many little boys and girls came to witness Akhand Jyot and carried Matki for visarjan
Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Matki-girl-with-mother2 Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Matki-girl-with-mother Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Matki-Child-with-mother2 Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-Matki-Child-with-mother Chaliha-Sahib-Mandir-kids-with-matki


Ulhasnagar MLA Smt. Jyoti Kalani attended the Matki Mela at Puj Chaliha Sahib Jhulelal Mandir, Sindhunagar-5.



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