Recent Haridwar Photos

Photos of Jhulelal Shradalus at Haridwar

Jhulelal Shradalu in Haridwar – Har Ki Pauri

Palav at Haridwar

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2 thoughts on “Recent Haridwar Photos

  1. kishore A lachhani says:

    i am in haridwar also in the festival baharana sahib good photo in this website but dont miss the videos i am uploading videos in in coming days jai jainda beda paar jaldi thinda
    kishore Ashok lachhani

  2. i attend every year the baharana sahib. every year the number of people increse.i felt that we are in ulhasnagar not in haridwar. last year l remeber people came from sind to see the baharana sahib. i advice you if you able to improve the profmance of the singer and musican will help you to catch the more crowd. i have the video of the bharana sahib if i able to upload at youtube or give to any authorise person who can uploade at this site


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