Chaliha Sahib Fast Begins on 6-Aug

Whoever wishes to follow the 40 day Chaliha Fast visits Chaliha Sahib Mandir on first day of fast and ties thread in his wrist as binding of fast.

Brahmans visit the Chaliha Sahib Temple with Threads and other samigiri to initiate the Fast for people visiting temple.

One of the Brahman with Threads and other material to assist Jhulelal Shradalu for FAST.

Many Ladies singing Jhulelal Bhajans and Aarti at foot steps of Daryah Shah

Amma Palav thi Paye. “Uttar Dah Jo Wayro, Muhinjo Soodho Saval Shah”

Girls Lighting candles and a couple praying at Jhulelal near the pond.

View of Jhulelal Bhagwan across the water,  while fountain is not working.

Akho, Khatain (Pickle), Nankhatai, Papad and lot of quality eatables available at temple premise for sale.

You must try khatamithriyon goliyon

One thought on “Chaliha Sahib Fast Begins on 6-Aug

  1. jairam v wadhwani says:

    WOW very nice to see all ours sindhi brothers & sisters keeping faith in ours julelal saheb & keeping fast for days

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