Jai Jinda Album Release during Chaliha Festival

Gurmukh Chugria is one of the well known Sindhi Singer at Chaliha Sahib. He has that touching & spiritual voice. There are three generations of Chughria Family who has been singing at Chaliha Sahib. Late Shri Jethalal K Chughria also sung hundreds of song at Chaliha Sahib during the Chaliha Festival every year. We miss his presence during this Chaliha Festival.

shri Jethalal K Chughria JK Music Group founded by Shri Jethalal K Chughria is releasing new Jai Jinda Music Album. There are four new Tracks which are added to this MP3 Album. These are all made FREELY available for Jhulelal worshippers from Chaliha Sahib website.

  1. Jai Jinda by Gurmukh Chughria [audio:http://sabsindhi.com/album/New_Jai_Jinda_ACD/01_Jai_Jinda.mp3]
  2. Jeko Jhulan Khe Japando by Gurmukh Chughria
  3. Sindhyun Jo Melo Aayo by Gurmukh Chughria
  4. Jhulelal Ji Jai Kayo by Kunal Chughria

You can play all these songs for free or download from

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6 thoughts on “Jai Jinda Album Release during Chaliha Festival

  1. kishore A lachhani says:

    gurumukh your one of the man to encourage the young generation on way of sindhiyat. jai jinda beda paar jaldi thinda.

  2. kishore A lachhani says:

    ramesh lal khe winti aahe ta sabhine sindhin khe pakke chalihe sahib ja vrat jo rules bara bar samjhain .

  3. tulsi dhanjani says:

    Please help keep alive Sindhi Boli, culture and name of Saiin Jhulelal.

  4. shyam P. Thakur says:

    ayooo lal sabhai chow julelal

  5. I had once seen the song JIYE SINDH JIYE in sindhi channel sung by Late Jethalal Chugria, I liked the song so much specially the scene where Pujya Chaliyo Sahib Mandir is shown, I called for the DVD, Gurmukh Chugria delivered the DVD by courier at my address, without even bothering about the amt, I am so impressed that finally today I am going to that Mandir for darshan.

  6. Very beautyful

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