Chaliha Festival Everyday Aarti Photos

Everyday Arti of Sai Jhulelal Performed by Many Shradhalus at 6.40 am & sharp at Puj Chalihasahib. These Shradhalus Sing Aarti & Bhajans Of Jhulelal Devta with Dholak & Manjira.

Shradhalus Singing Bhajans  “Jai Jai Jhulelal, Sabai Chao Jai Jai Amarlal”Shradhalus performing Sindhi Dance

Many Shradhalus Enjoying Aarti

Many Ladies also come at the time of Aarti & get  the blessings of Jhulelal Devta

Many Little Children come at the time of Aarti  early morning. Little Children are like God. They  enjoy bhajans & also distribute the PRASAD to other Shradhalus.

Bahrana Sahib At Khari,Kalyan On 23.08.2010

1.Devoties performing Sindhi Folk Dance “Shez”

2.Devoties performing Sindhi Folk Dance “Shez”

5 thoughts on “Chaliha Festival Everyday Aarti Photos

  1. Jai Jhulelal! Beda ee par! Sadaee Shahukar !!!

    Wonderful photos of Chaliha sahib.

  2. Jai Amaralal, Jai Uderolal, Jai Jhulelal.
    Bera ee paar. Sadaee Sahukar.

  3. Sumit Navani says:


  4. I Love South Asian Rhythms. Actually Eastern Music is allways has more percussions and Dance Patterns. While by music lesson They call Dholak as a percussion Instruments But in south asian music, dholak supposed to be the main rhythm Instrument along with Other Percussion. Love this kind of music.

  5. jaanvi mutreja says:

    xcellent piks wid all xcellent information…..

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