New Programme For Mela (Festival)

Puj Mele Jo Programme

6-Sept-2010 (Monday) : Morning 10:00 AM Bhojan for Girls (Niyariyun)

6-Sept-2010 (Monday) : Nine day fast start and Strict Fast rules applies.

8-Sept-2010 (Wednesday): Puj Darya Shah Sesa will be distributed in All Ulhasnagar.

12-Sept-2010 (Sunday) : 6:00pm Puj Akhand Path Sahib Starts. Prayer offerings to Darya Shah so that He rains in entire world and brings prosperity and World Peace. Baharano procession will be held with all the celebrations.

14-Sept-2010 (Tuesday) : 6:00pm Akhand Path Sahib jo Bhog Sahib.

15-Sept-2010 (Wednesday) : Chaliha Sahib Mela for taking Matki. 12:00 afternoon Ladies time. 4:00pm onwards for Gents.

16-Sept-2010 (Thursday) : 11:00am Puj Chaliha Sahib festival completion Palav.

Note: Brothers and Sisters who would like to take Matki should FAST on that day. After immersing Matki  in Darya Shah, the FAST can be broken. Prasaad Serving (Dono) will be provided till 11:00 in the night. Any dear one can bring the Matki on this day.

Santan Jo Satsang, Kalakar Ain Fankar Ja Programme

12-Sept-2010 (Sunday) : 10pm onwards Artists with great virtue will perform.

12-Sept-2010 (Sunday) : Guru Kripa Mandali (Local Train) Artists will perform at 10:00pm

14-Sept-2010 (Tuesday): Param Pujya Swami Shanti Prakash Maharaj Successor Swami Dev Prakash Maharaj Satsang and Pravachan at 10:00pm to 12:00 in night.

14-Sept-2010 (Tuesday) : 12:00 in night till Early Morning: Satram Rohra Party and then many Well known Artists with virtue and blessings will take part.

15-Sept-2010 (Wednesday) : Shri Jethalal Music Party, followed by Well known groups of Bhagats will perform from 12:00 in the night till 11:00am morning.

16-Sept-2010 (Thursday) : 11:00am Festival completion Palav.

Note: Dear Followers of Jhulelal Chaliha Sahib who reside outside Ulhasnagar, can register their address at temple. This way on going events can be notified to them by postal system.

One thought on “New Programme For Mela (Festival)

  1. I feel very excited to see such a nice beautifull colourfull program CHALIHA on net.I pray to God for all the success & progress for coming all events.

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