6 thoughts on “Kali Sai from Sai Vasan Shah Darbar at Puj Chaliha Sahib Mandir

  1. very nice.. keeping traditions alive is wonderful.
    when religion is love, to sing and dance is to pray..
    keep spreading joy!

  2. Divya sadhwani says:

    Thanks for blessings svs
    and i wish i will move forward with ur blessings

  3. naresh chugh says:

    we also wish to see the programme of sai omiram that was held on chaliya saheb 2010 and what about this year when is the programme of sai omiram
    jai jhulelal

  4. Karan sharma says:

    Svs rakh rohiri ware te

  5. Svs and challia sahab ulh-2,5 are my faviorate temples

  6. i lile sain kalidas he shanshah i wish to meet with him

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