Chaliha Sahib Festival 2010 Short Music Video


Chaliha Sahib Festival held in Aug-Sept 2010 had Lakhs of devotees visiting Temple in Sindhunagar-5. This short music video tries to capture all the memorable moments which happened on last 3 days of fast completion. Definately Chaliha Sahib Festival is something nobody would like to miss. People from Ulhasnagar, Mumbai, India and abroad visit here to get the blessings. Song being played “Muhinjee Beri Athai” in the background is sung by Raj and Kishin Juriani. This song is taken from the album “Jhulelal Dhol Remix”.

3 thoughts on “Chaliha Sahib Festival 2010 Short Music Video

  1. very-very loving and heart touching video

  2. HARESH AGNANI says:

    tamam bahtreen koshish shal lal sain sabhni te mahir kare…ayo lal..jhulelal…

  3. Pawan Kumar says:

    Saji Duniya je Sindhi Hindun khay Lala Sain je Chalihe Sahib joon Wadhayun. Shal Sabhni te Lal Sain ji Mehar wasandi Rahe. Sabhae Chao Jhule lal.

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